Welcome to our qualitative survey about the strategic approach of small and medium-sized companies towards internationalization!
The aim of the survey is to find out more about the meaning of internationalization and how companies deal with it.

Thank you for taking 5min to answer the questions below.

In appreciation of your time spent we would like to:
- offer you on basis of your answers a first assessment of your position on international markets
- send you the findings of the survey as well as 
- exclusive information about funded market entry projects. 

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Your team of DREBERIS GmbH
1. General questions
How many people does your company employ?
In how many countries does your company have subsidiaries?
In how many countries do you have an active sales structure (own subsidiary or distribution partner)?
What is your export share in all sales [%]? 
What were your experience in foreign markets in general like?
(Please note that the slider can be placed between the categories, too.)
Which hurdles might restrain you from acting in foreign markets?
What is your main sales argument (more than one answer possible)?
Is your main sales argument transferable to foreign markets?
2. Parameters of SMART Innovative Internationalization
S - Strategy
M - Market
A - Action
R - Resources
T - Team
Is internationalization a “Must” for your company, in order to keep/expand its market position? 
Is internationalization considered as an instrument to increase company value?
Does your company have sufficient and up-to-date market information on all relevant markets? 
Is your company updating these market information regularly?
Do your products/services need to be adapted to foreign markets?
Does your company have an explicit and accountable action plan for your further steps in internationalization? 
Do you have the necessary material and financial resources to realize your internationalization plan? 
Do you have the appropriate team to realize your internationalization plan/strategy?
Thank you for your participation in our qualitative survey about the strategic approach of small and medium-sized companies towards internationalization!

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